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Application for PhD funding in Computer Science at Univ. Paris-Sud


  • To have completed a master degree including research training (or equivalent diploma) before thesis registration (usually october).
  • PhD advisor sould support your application on a specific subject (PhD proposal for 2014 campaign)


  • Provide sufficent information on your master degree, the research projects you have been conducted.
  • Attach useful documents such as a CV, your master results (including internship report), recommendation letters…

APPLICATION for University Paris Sud Funding 2014 ARE CLOSED

Complete or change the application form (Authentication required)

  • If you are already a student at Université Paris-Sud, authenticate yourself using your university login/passwd (adonis) before creating the application form (see home page http://edips.lri.fr for information about activation or forgotten password).
  • If not, send an e-mail to nicole.bidoit at lri.fr and ed-info at lri.fr (copy to your advisor), indicating the PhD subject. You will receive authentication information for a local account that will give you the possibility to enter further information. You can also ask your future advisor to enter the application form for you.

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Ecole Doctorale Informatique Paris-Sud

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Tel : 01 69 15 63 19
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