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Domain Interaction
Domain - extra Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Fluid Dynamics
Year 2014
Starting as soon as possible
Status Open
Subject Investigating the Visualization and Exploration of Fluid Mechanics Data using
Tactile Surfaces and Tangible Objects
Thesis advisor ISENBERG Tobias
Co-advisors Mehdi Ammi from LIMSI, CNRS
Luc Pastur from LIMSI, CNRS
Laboratory INRIA-Saclay AVIZ
  • Mehdi Ammi from LIMSI, CNRS
  • Luc Pastur from LIMSI, CNRS
Abstract This PhD project will explore in which way we can benefit from the richness of expression and fluid interaction styles of touch-based and tangible input devices, while providing the needed level of precise control. In particular, the PhD student will explore the combination of large displays with stationary and mobile touch input as well as dedicated tangible devices in the context of the visualization of fluid dynamics data.
  • fluid dynamics data
  • touch sensitive devices, tangible interaction
  • exploration of interaction concepts for fluid dynamics data visualization
  • comparison of different interaction techniques
  • development of an interactive data exploration tool
Work program
Extra information
  • background in computer graphics, visualization, and human-computer interaction
  • good coding skills
  • ability to communicate and write in English
  • interest in working with domain scientists
Details Download 2014 AVIZ PhD Project - Fluid Mechanics Interaction.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
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