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Domain Bioinformatics
Domain - extra
Year 2014
Starting September 2014
Status Closed
Subject New homology based approaches for predicting the three-dimensional structure of RNA molecules.
Thesis advisor DENISE Alain
Laboratory LRI Bioinfo
Abstract Briefly, modeling RNA structures relies on two complementary approaches. The approach by homology is used when the structure of a sequence homologous to the sequence of interest has already been resolved experimentally. The main problem is to calculate an alignment between the known structure and the sequence. The ab initio approach is required when no homologous structure is known for the sequence of interest. It is also used, complementarily to the approach by homology, to predict the structure of parts of the sequence that does not correspond with the known structure. The present research project mainly focuses on comparative modeling and its combination with ab initio modeling.

Work program
Extra information
Expected funding Research contract
Status of funding Expected
user alain.denise
Created Tuesday 18 of March, 2014 19:21:02 CET
LastModif Tuesday 25 of March, 2014 13:13:13 CET

Ecole Doctorale Informatique Paris-Sud

Nicole Bidoit
Stéphanie Druetta
Conseiller aux thèses
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