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Domain Databases-Web-Information Retrieval-Reasoning
Domain - extra
Year 2014
Starting september 2014
Status Open
Subject Lattice-based representation and reasoning for image understanding
Thesis advisor ATIF Jamaleddine
Co-advisors Isabelle Bloch, Telecom ParisTech
Laboratory LRI A&O
Abstract In this PhD project, we aim at addressing the challenging problem of high level scene understanding with a new methodological approach which integrates advantages of formal logics (description logics, formal concept analysis), and quantitative or semi-quantitative representations and reasoning in the image domain.

High level scene understanding is the task of inferring semantics from image contents in a form which is close to and suitable for application domain decision-making. This semantics cannot be considered as being included explicitly in the image itself but rather depends on prior knowledge on the domain and on the context of use of the image. Model-based image understanding is a subfield where semantics inference is guided by a model e.g. a graph or an ontology. In this context, modeling imperfections of knowledge and information is also a key aspect.

Work program
Extra information
Details Download PhD_Proposal.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
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