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Domain Interaction
Domain - extra Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction, Illustrative Rendering, 3D scientific
Year 2014
Starting as soon as possible
Status Open
Subject An Interactive Visualization Continuum: Interactive Abstraction & Exploration of 3D Data
Thesis advisor ISENBERG Tobias
Co-advisors Mehdi Ammi, LIMSI, CNRS
Laboratory INRIA-Saclay AVIZ
Collaborations with several domain sciences or industrial partners
Abstract This PhD thesis will investigate how we can connect visual data exploration environments to permit researchers and medical personnel to transition between individual work and collaborative discussions, using the appropriate visual representations for each of these settings. The PhD student will explore appropriate data abstraction techniques, for example using illustrative rendering techniques, and their interactive control to be able to support the data analysis and visualization. In addition, the goal is to connect novel interactive settings with traditional PC environments, to be able to transition between them and to understand which are the best possible visualization techniques for each of them.
Work program
Extra information
Details Download 2014 AVIZ PhD Project - Interactive Exploration and Abstraction of 3D Data.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
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