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Domain Natural Language Speech and Audio Processing
Domain - extra Sign Language processing
Year 2014
Starting 2014, Q4
Status Open
Subject Rule triggering and combination for automatic text-to-sign translation
Déclenchement et combinaison de règles pour une traduction automatique de texte vers langue des signes
Thesis advisor TANNIER Xavier
Co-advisors Michael Filhol
Laboratory LIMSI ILES
Abstract This PhD proposal is in the field of Sign Language processing, specifically machine translation from text (in English or French) to Sign Language (SL).

Sign Language is an oral gestural language involving many simultaneous articulators, which we prove is not describable in sequences of lexical units. We have designed a Sign-specific model at LIMSI to build formal grammars and cover SL properties better. These grammars are based on recursive rules, each of which carries a semantically-loaded function that can be triggered automatically by processing an input text to be translated. Triggered portions must then be combined to form the output translation. The work here will be to explore this combination issue, and eventually build a full text-to-sign translation system. Applications clearly exist in the domain of web accessibility to the Deaf public.

For further details, please download and read the PDF file here (in French).
Work program
Extra information Candidates are expected to apply for a grant from EDIPS, before summer 2014
Details Download 2014-thèse-tradLS-auto.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
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