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Domain Interaction
Domain - extra
Year 2014
Starting 1 oct 2014
Status Open
Subject Remote Collaboration in Large Interactive Spaces
Thesis advisor BEAUDOUIN-LAFON Michel
Co-advisors Cédric FLEURY, MC, Univ. Paris-Sud, Scientific Advisor
Laboratory LRI HCC
Abstract The goal of the thesis is to create novel collaborative systems that support remote collaboration within and across large interactive spaces. These new systems will enable users not only to see each other as in standard videoconferencing systems, but also to share the content they work on, to act together on this content and to perceive nonverbal cues in order to support richer interaction and social presence (the feeling of “being together”). The thesis will explore both the case where users interact together within the digital world, e.g. collaborative interaction on the same datasets, and the case where users interact together in the physical world through the computer, e.g. remote design or fabrication of physical objects.
Work program
Extra information
Details Download PhDProposal.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
Candidates Ignacio Avellino, MSc from Univ. Aachen, currently interning at InSitu
user michel.beaudouin-lafon
Created Friday 16 of May, 2014 23:14:42 CEST
LastModif Friday 16 of May, 2014 23:14:42 CEST

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