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Domain Interaction
Domain - extra
Year 2014
Starting 1 oct 2014
Status Open
Subject Substrates and Co-Adaptive Instruments
Thesis advisor BEAUDOUIN-LAFON Michel
Co-advisors Wendy Mackay, Inria
Laboratory LRI HCC
Abstract The focus of this Ph.D. is to explore how we can use substrates and co-adaptive instruments to design interactive tools that support creative professionals, particularly industrial and graphic designers. We are particularly interested in supporting creative activities before users have a clear idea of the final task, as they explore and generate ideas that can then be addressed computationally. Our goal is to provide simpler, more universal interaction instruments that support flexible, yet powerful forms of interaction.
Work program
Extra information
Details Download Co-Adaptive Instruments.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
Candidates Nolween Maudet, en Master à l'UTC et en stage à InSitu.
user michel.beaudouin-lafon
Created Saturday 17 of May, 2014 00:31:48 CEST
LastModif Saturday 17 of May, 2014 00:31:48 CEST

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