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Domain Machine Learning-Robotics
Domain - extra
Year 2014
Starting 1/9/2014
Status Open
Subject CartoLabe : Machine Learning and Expertise Landscapes
Thesis advisor SEBAG Michèle
Co-advisors Caillou Philippe
Laboratory LRI A&O
Abstract This position aims at the characterization of the dynamic activities in a field, based on the statistical analysis of massive documents and social networks, on the one hand, and the interaction with one or several experts on the other hand.

The particular focus is on providing a visual rendering of the expertise landscape, reflecting the structured input, the experts prior knowledge and preferences, supporting the characterization of the activities and network members, aimed at a shared representation of the field for strategy design.
Work program
Extra information
Details Download CartoLabEDIPS.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
Candidates Carlos Sureda Gutierrez
user philippe.caillou
Created Sunday 15 of June, 2014 15:50:01 CEST
LastModif Sunday 15 of June, 2014 15:50:01 CEST

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