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Domain Virtual and Augmented Reality
Domain - extra Mixed-Reality, Serious Game, Molecular Tangible Interface
Year 2014
Starting 01/09/2014
Status Open
Subject Using mixed-reality techniques dedicated to peptid/protein docking Serious game for teaching and research
Thesis advisor BOURDOT Patrick
Co-advisors Jean-Marc Vezien
Laboratory LIMSI Venise
Abstract Protein-peptide interactions are essential for the living cell. Peptides negotiate, inhibit or act as structuring elements in nearly 40% of all macromolecular interactions. They are associated with diseases, and provide a new track in drug design. We propose to address protein-peptide interactions by following an approach compining serious games and molecular tangible interface, targeting the research and teaching communities. In the serious game, the real-time markerless tracking will thus aim to reconstruct a virtual model of the real manipulated object in its proteic environment. In order to assess the quality of the solution of the physical peptide model, energies involved in the molecular system will be computed an display in real time using existing molecular simulation tools. The goal of such a serious game will be respectively to reach a maximum refolding or docking score, or to explore the configuration landscape of the molecular system.
Work program
Extra information
Details Download VRmoleculartangibleinterface.pdf
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
Candidates Xavier Martinez makes an application on IDEX-IDI Ph.D. funding proposal with this doctoral project.
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