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Domain Interaction
Domain - extra Neurosciences - Emotion
Year 2014
Starting 01/09/2014
Status Open
Subject Distributed Computational Models of Language and Emotion based on Brain Studies and Virtual Agents
Thesis advisor MARTIN Jean-Claude
Co-advisors - Christophe PALLIER (UNICOG laboratory, INSERM / CEA / NEUROSPIN): http://www.unicog.org/pm/pmwiki.php

- Christine LE SCANFF (CIAMS, Université Paris Sud, Professor):
Psychology of interindividual differences

Laboratory LIMSI CPU
Abstract The goal of this PhD thesis is to define a joint computational model of complementary cognitive functions: 1) perception and learning of artificial language, and 2) the impact of social stimuli on them using facial expressions of virtual agents. A model will be defined based on Smolensky’s framework. Several measures of computational complexity will be developed to study these specific cognitive functions and their interactions. These will be employed as a way to build evidence for the accuracy of the models by employing neuroimaging techniques during brain studies, and behavioral studies. This project will not only advance the current knowledge in the considered cognitive functions and their interaction but will create a precedent for more ambitious integrative models of cognition and emotion. It will support neuroscience and social computing efforts in realizing studies in more realistic contexts in human-human and human-machine interactions.

Work program
Extra information
Expected funding Institutional funding
Status of funding Expected
Candidates Martin Felipe Perez-Guevara
user jean-claude.martin
Created Wednesday 21 of May, 2014 14:47:33 CEST
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